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Young Adults Program
(Impacting Young Adults for God’s Glory)

The Florida Deeper Christian Life Young Adult Program has been playing a key and supporting role within the Deeper Christian Life Ministry by focusing on meeting the specific, spiritual needs of single youths both within and outside the church. Through this ministry, many young men and women have been saved, restored, sanctified, and Spirit-filled. Many youths have found fulfillment spiritually, academically and financially; and through special programs, gained tools to excel in this age full of competition.

Our Mission
The Young Adult Program is a Christ-centered, Bible believing ministry with a unique goal and commitment to encourage and empower singles to live a transparent life of holiness and righteousness, be involved in soul winning, and ultimately, to know the will of God in all aspects of life.

Our Vision
Every Deeper Christian Life Ministry Single shall have a definite encounter Jesus the savior, be confident to share the gospel of Christ to others, be zealous for things that concerns the house of God, know and understand the will of God in all aspects of life.
Deeper Life High School

The Students Outreach started in 1979 when the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry held the first ever Free Vacation School for Secondary School Students in Lagos State. The impact of this program was tremendous as lives of many young people were transformed and they were motivated to succeed academically.

Widening the horizon of youth evangelism, the outreach to students in their various schools was established as Post Primary School Outreach. This was eventually changed to Deeper Life Schools Outreach (DLSO). Over the years, this Outreach has operated in the Secondary Schools directly or indirectly under the names Success Club or Christian Student Fellowship. There is an offshoot of DLSO, which caters for the youth in Deeper Life Bible Church. This is named Youth Home Success Fellowship.


The Deeper Life High School (DLHS) is the brainchild of the General Superintendent of Deeper Christian Life Ministry, Pastor W. F. Kumuyi whose passion for godliness, upright leadership and moral excellence is well known. In a world where truth and moral absolutes are increasingly snubbed, Pastor Kumuyi has in many ways demonstrated an unflagging commitment to helping young men and women discover their purpose and moral direction in life. He is particularly concerned about grooming a new generation of future leaders with sound values and deep convictions that are rooted in God's word. It was this vision that gave birth to DLHS.

DLHS, a mission co-educational boarding school, is committed to an all-round and qualitative education with emphasis on academic and moral excellence. The school has invested massively in modern learning technology and has put in place an entirely e-learning environment. It provides cutting edge facilities for laboratory and research experience; competent and committed teaching and administrative personnel, as well as competitive atmosphere. The school is committed to providing the highest academic standards, cultivating sound leadership skills and vision, as well as enriching lives through spiritual development. Small class size concept is adopted with its many benefits, including individualized attention and care, in addition to teacher accessibility. The aim of all these is to produce critical thinking and Christ-honouring students who will positively and profoundly impact the larger society. For families seeking secondary education for their wards in a distinctly Christian environment characterized by rigorous academics and remarkable co-curricular programs, DLHS is certainly the school of choice.

Our Vision
"To transform our nation by producing upright leaders of the future through high quality and sound education."

Our Mission
"To produce students who are academically well grounded, morally upright and adequately equipped as future leaders."

Our Conducts
DLHS maintains a Christ-centered environment where Christian principles are integrated throughout all activities. Members of staff and students are required to adhere strictly to these ideals and to the rules and regulations of the school. To sustain the glorious ethical standard for which the school is reputed, any erring member of staff or student is appropriately disciplined. Our well-trained, experienced and qualified educators support the learners to foster a feeling of positive self-worth, quality and academic excellence. We expect that our learners in the future will be able to compete nationally and internationally with their peers in a very competitive world. Our educators implement creative and innovative teaching methods and every lesson given or conducted is supported by the usage of a clever board.

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