Deeper Life Bible Church, Florida
...Achieving Heaven's Goal
"... Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature." (Mark 16:15)

         Strive for souls while you may,  pray to save a soul today!

Children Ministry

The Children Church is an integral part of the adult church. It is established to expose the children to all the provisions of grace, enable them to have the basic Christian experiences and assist them to live victorious Christian life in readiness for the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. Its programs and activities are aimed at evangelizing, teaching and discipline the children for Jesus; training them up in the way of the Lord and equipping them to win their world for Christ.

The Children Ministry is for all the branches of Deeper Life Christian Ministry both at home and abroad. The General Superintendent controls it, though he delegates some duties to the National Children Coordinator at the headquarters church in Lagos.

Faithful Tom

There lived a little orphan boy whose name was Tom. He was crippled in both legs. He was taken to live with a relative whom he called Granny. She never treated him well, but he was thankful for the little he had.

One day, he decided to go out to work as a sweeper in a store so as to help granny with little money. One cold night after Tom had finished work, he became tired and sick. He found his way into a church where the preacher spoke about knowing Jesus through the Bible. Later, as Tom was trying to get home, he fell down and collapsed. Granny found him and then took him to his room. From that day, Tom could not leave his bed all alone again. He needed someone to help him.

Tom, still wondering on how he could get a Bible to learn more about Jesus, received a gift of a coin from a friend. He requested the friend to use the coin to buy a Bible for him. Tom read and studied his Bible and soon learned how to be saved through Jesus. Later, he thought to himself, “I can’t keep all this to myself. I must think of some way to tell others about Jesus. I know that I could drop notes with scripture passages out of the window. Someone who is in need of Jesus may pick one up”. He then begged his granny to give him papers and pencil. With these, he started writing some passages of the Bible in small, small sheets addressed to - “The passer-by.” Please, read. Then he would hang the paper with a string tied to the window.

Every day he continued to do this, praying also that one day some people would pass by and pick the paper. One day, a well dressed man passed by Tom’s window. The wind blew one of the papers across the man’s face. The man stopped, picked up the paper and read the Bible passage. Then he said, “These Bible passages seem to be coming from that little window up there. I will sure like to talk to the person who is doing this good work.” He entered Tom’s room and said, So you are the boy who drops these Bible verses from the window. Are you? I picked one up and God has blessed my soul through it.” This man became a friend of Jesus and continued with Tom’s work by preaching the gospel everywhere he went.

Children, your hands, eyes and legs are complete. Are you using them to tell others about the love of Jesus? If a lame boy could work for Jesus, you can do better.